ECS Solutions Named 2016 System Integrator of the Year

Evansville, Indiana, December 10, 2015 – CFE Media has named ECS Solutions System Integrator of the Year for 2016 in recognition of the company’s business skills, technical competence and customer satisfaction.

“We are elated to be selected for this prestigious honor,” said Tim Matheny, president of ECS. “It serves to validate our 40-year commitment to delivering value by enabling manufacturers to reduce costs, increase efficiency and achieve other critical business improvements.”

Each year, a panel of judges that includes editors from CFE Media’s Control Engineering and Plant Engineering publications and industry experts chooses a System Integrator of the Year in three categories based on company size. ECS Solutions won in the Small System Integrator category, competing with other companies with up to $10 million in annual revenue.

“ECS Solutions has well documented business skills, technical competence and customer satisfaction,” said Control Engineering content manager Mark Hoske about the winning entry from ECS. “Projects described quantify savings as a result of system integration and installed automation provided.”

Delivering quantifiable savings is an example of how ECS creates business value for manufacturing companies, which is the company’s foremost goal, according to Matheny.

“A big challenge in our industry is bringing together traditional control systems with today’s information technology,” Matheny explained. “It’s important to marry those systems together in a way that delivers measurable business value.”

As an example of successfully addressing today’s integration challenges, Matheny points to a process automation project completed last year for Pinnacle Foods after Pinnacle’s acquisition of the iconic Wish-Bone line of salad dressings.

“We successfully delivered total process automation from the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to the end of the packaging line,” he said. “The challenge came not from any one part, but from the sum of the parts.”

ECS Solutions, Inc. is a control system integrator providing value-focused Total Process Automation solutions to process manufacturers. ECS’ S88 Builder solution sets the standard for batch process control with its agility, flexibility and ergonomic, process-focused, operator interface. ECS is a certified member of the Control Systems Integrators Association.

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