How is Total Process Automation different than what I might get from another reputable Control Systems Integrator?

Total Process Automation principles focus ECS and our customers on working together to achieve the highest value possible to your company. Other reputable integrators have their own approaches to delivering great systems. Would you end up at the same point working with another integrator as you would working with ECS? In some instances, yes. We believe that by following the Total Process Automation principles and focusing on value you will never do better.

What is S88 Builder?

S88 Builder is a model based control system for process control. Using S88 Builder, ECS can deliver a better process control system (one portion of Total Process Automation) faster, and often less expensively, than with template based custom programming.

Is S88 Builder available for me to download and try or use?

No. S88 Builder is currently only available as part of an ECS delivered project.

Is S88 Builder a Batch Management System?

No. Someday it may be, but today it is not. S88 Builder is a Basic Process Control System (BPCS). The S88 Builder Studio is used to configure the process equipment arrangement and capability. The S88 Builder Engine runs in a process controller where it processes the data model which contains the process equipment arrangement and capability.

How is S88 Builder different than what I do today?

Most, if not all, process control systems operating today, whether based on a PLC, a PAC or a DCS system, are executing custom programming developed by someone. S88 Builder is a collection of tested and proven software that is loaded into a PAC and into an HMI platform, then configured by building a model of the control system and defining tasks the control system should accomplish.

How is S88 Builder like what I do today?

Although the S88 Builder Engine is different than any other controller program because you load it once and don’t change it, it is the same as every other controller program. The S88 Builder Engine for Rockwell Automation ControlLogix® platform was developed with RSLogix® 5000 using the IEC standard languages (ladder, etc.). The data table is made up of arrays of user-defined data structures just like any other program might be.