ECS’ reputation as an industry-leading provider of process control systems stems not from specializing in every aspect of process control but rather from focusing on our core competencies in Total Process Automation, which is where we bring the greatest value. And while we often provide turnkey solutions, we also embrace partnerships with other automation suppliers, OEMs, system integrators, and engineering firms where collaboration adds value.

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ECS Core Competencies

  • Consulting  
  • Requirements definition 
  • Software engineering 
  • Software delivery 
  • Servers design and delivery 
  • Human machine interface/Operator interface 
  • Data management and reporting 
  • Networking  

Additional Competencies

  • Controls hardware design and drawings 
  • Controls panel fabrication 
  • Industrial networking 
  • Specification and delivery of
    • PLC hardware 
    • Drives and drive systems 
    • Instrumentation 
    • Motor controls