Every project team includes an ECS Project Manager and Technical Lead. We divide responsibilities between them so that our clients get the best of both. This results in better-run projects that enable us to attain the goal of a quality project delivered on time and on budget.

Project Manager

An ECS Project Manager is responsible for:

  • Project Schedule
  • Project Budget
  • Leading formal project meetings
  • Formal customer communications

Technical Lead

An ECS project Technical Lead is responsible for:

  • Project technical scope
  • Leading project technical team
  • Participating actively in project meetings
  • Technical customer communications

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Project Technical Lead

  • Makes the technical decisions that result in a quality project that works as expected 
  • Handles most project communications that are technical in nature 
  • Works closely with the customer to detail out the project deliverables 

ECS Project Manager

  • Holds the project team accountable for the project schedule and budget 
  • Produces regular status reports, schedule updates, and other client communications
  • Issues project change orders when necessary
  • Handles invoicing and questions about invoices