5No one understands better than ECS the support efforts required to own the equipment, technology, and software that constitute process systems. It’s in our DNA – beginning with the company’s founder, who was a plant maintenance engineer.TotalCare©represents our concern not only for a company’s process systems but also for the business goals those systems support.

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5PreCare© is built into every ECS system’s design, ensuring that the system is:

  • Flexible, to adapt to unforeseen needs
  • Accessible, with secure remote access to systems 
  • Supportable, including tools, source files, documentation, and licensing to care for systems
  • Documented, because a system starts with knowing what’s there
  • Data rich and capable of providing the data that directs support activities


5FirstCare© includes the services required to bring systems into production. Depending on ECS’ role, FirstCare may include:

  • Installation, or installation support, if others perform the installation
  • Checkout, including cold and hot wiring checks, motor bumps, etc. 
  • Commissioning, including functional checks of equipment and software 
  • Operator training on simulated systemsand maintenance training on ECS-provided tools
  • HyperCare intense initial production support and coaching 


5ForeverCare© for the long-term care of process systems can be tailored to specific needs and can be provided for systems initially installed by others. ForeverCare offerings include:

  • Monitoring of key system logs and parameters 
  • Onsite visits to uncover otherwise unseen problems or inefficiencies
  • Maintenance activities that keep the system in top condition throughout its lifecycle
  • Optimization with capacity and quality improvements to improve the bottom line 
  • DataCare to ensure that system databases, logs, records, and other data sources are backed up and not growing beyond design 


fpo_smallNowCare© is ECS’ emergency support system that responds to emergency needs quickly, with the best resources available. NowCare is available to all, not just ECS customers.

Find Out How ECS Can Support Your Operations