Total Process Automation

ECS’ value-focused Total Process Automation solutions are built on the lessons of 40 years of hands-on experience with process automation systems. Only ECS brings together faster deployment, increased efficiency, and ongoing agility – to reduce costs, raise product quality, and deliver greater value and higher profitability over the long term.

The result is highly efficient project delivery at the outset, and greater equipment effectiveness and operator productivity, yielding increased profitability, throughout the lifecycle of the system. A lower price puts money in your pocket once; value focused Total Process Automation puts money in your pocket every year.

Download “6 Principles of Total Process Automation”


TPA Principles

  • Building on six key principles
  • Maximizing value and flexibility
  • Leveraging previous development

TPA Applications

  • Avoiding “islands of automation”
  • Deploying with partner SPs

ISA-88 Done Right

  • Separating procedure and equipment programming
  • Aligning equipment programming with physical model

Distributed Control

  • Enhancing control for Plant PAx
  • Improving on the traditional DCS