TPA Optimizes Processes for You and Your Clients

Whether you are building a new plant, adding a new process, improving your current processes, or working with your clients to improve their processes, value-focused Total Process Automation can help.

Solutions for You

ECS is recognized for its experience developing solutions that adhere to Total Process Automation principles and, in turn, make you more effective, more efficient, more agile, and more reliable at producing your product. ECS solutions

  • Focus on delivering maximum value
  • Integrate your control and production tasks with your enterprise production planning
  • Improve your operational efficiency for the life cycle of your process

Solutions for Your Clients

ECS works with design-build and OEM partners who recognize the high value that Total Process Automation delivers to their clients and who wish to add it to their system proposals. ECS can help your proposals stand out from the crowd by providing the following to your clients:

  • Operable, simulated examples of automation software in action to help your clients visualize what they will get
  • A highly automated and efficient process for integrating major equipment supplied by industry-preferred OEMs
  • Responsibility for the control equipment
  • TotalCare services that take care of your client through project implementation and throughout the system life cycle
  • ForeverCare contracts that reduce your client’s hiring and retention risks because ECS provides the engineering services to optimize, maintain, and extend your client’s process automation



TotalCare Support

TotalCare represents our concern not only for the process systems but also for the business or businesses those systems support.

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