Distributed Control

The principles of value-focused Total Process Automation can be applied to any process control system, on any control platform. In fact, many users prefer the traditional distributed-control systems (DCSs) over the traditional programmable logic controllers (PLCs) because DCSs embraced much of value-focused automation long ago.

When ECS uses S88 Builder as part of a Total Process Automation solution, ECS provides a solution better than a traditional DCS in many of the ways that a traditional DCS is better than a PLC. ECS adopted the modern PlantPAx® DCS sold by Rockwell Automation as the first platform for S88 Builder. S88 Builder makes a Total Process Automation solution from ECS more reliable, more effective, more flexible, and more maintainable than any DCS without S88 Builder.



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TotalCare represents our concern not only for the process systems but also for the business or businesses those systems support.

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S88 Builder is a model-based ControlLogix program that provides speed, flexibility, and cost savings

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