ISA-88 Done Right

Total Process Automation ensures your process complies with government regulations so you can consistently produce high-quality products. The ISA-88 standard for batch control requires you to

  • Separate your procedural programming (procedural model: “What should I do with the equipment?”) from your equipment programming (physical model: “What is the equipment capable of?”)
  • Align the equipment programming with the physical model to maximize module reuse


ISA-88 Implementation Pitfalls

When defining the contents of the physical model (equipment programming) and the procedural model (procedural programming), individual programmers can interpret ISA-88 principles differently, so their systems are “ISA-88 compatible; to different degrees. This leads to two big problems:

  • Less-compliant systems sacrifice the goals of the standard—flexibility and maintainability
  • Equipment programming should be as flexible as procedural programming so the process cell can be used to make anything within its physical capabilities

S88 Builder

S88 Builder addresses both of these pitfalls. The only way you can develop a single program that can be configured to run any process is by absolutely following the ISA-88 standard. Consequently, you cannot configure and deploy an S88 Builder-based control system that is not “ISA-88 done right.”

Whether or not you use S88 Builder, a Total Process Automation solution from ECS maximizes the performance and effectiveness of your equipment for years to come.

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