Batch Process Automation Services

ECS eliminates the significant custom software development typically associated with batch process automation. When our Total Process Automation approach is combined with our S88 Builder process control system, ECS delivers systems that address challenges ranging from equipment module operation to batch management without the need for costly custom software.

S88 Builder

  • Delivers model-based software for equipment control
  • Ensures flexibility to meet future requirements
  • Improves OEE and material variances

Campaign Management

  • Initiates and manages campaigns automatically
  • Integrates with ERP systems

CIP Management

  • Responds to capacity demand
  • Substantially increases equipment availability

Material Management

  • Replaces stacks of paper
  • Reduces the risk of human error

Kitting Management

  • Scans to identify vendor containers, kits, etc.
  • Sends raw materials to enterprise inventory
  • Builds kits and consumes them into batches

Packaging Management

  • Integrates packaging equipment into TPA solutions
  • Tracks from production to packaging
  • Connects to the ERP