Kitting Management

Batch recipes often include some minor (in terms of weight or volume) ingredients. To reduce batch times, those minor ingredients are often kitted so the kit can be added to the batch rapidly. Kits can be assembled ahead of time and then consumed into product batches as a whole. Even without kitting, vendor containers, such as totes, super-sacks and pallets of bags, are often split into batch quantities.

Key Benefits

  • Increases value by helping you create batches with more consistent quality and lower cost
  • Reduces batch cycles and increases your capacity to produce by managing the assembly of kits to inventory and the consumption of those kits from inventory
  • Manages risk and regulatory compliance by tracking vendor lots to production batches


The ECS Material Manager facilitates and includes the following features:

  • Uses bar code scanners to identify vendor containers, kits, locations, etc.
  • Interfaces directly with scales to capture actual weights of partial containers
  • Prints bar code labels to apply to kits and partial containers that may later be scanned into the final batch
  • Receive Receives raw materials from and returns raw materials to the enterprise inventory system
  • Helps you build kits to inventory and then consume those kits into product batches
  • Provides actual weights of ingredients, even when those ingredients are added as a kit, to the batch management system for inclusion in the batch record
  • Tracks waste and inventory adjustments