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Model-Based Process Control System

S88 Builder is a model-based basic process control system used specifically for equipment control in a batch or continuous process control system. Using best practices and 40 years of experience, ECS developed S88 Builder to be one common application that can be used to control any process cell. The model provides the highest available level of consistency and flexibility for equipment control throughout a process. The consistent model optimizes your process control system for top performance and quality, resulting in lower cost production and increased equipment availability.

Key Benefits

  • Unit panel turns operators into focused process managers with flexible live tiles for each unit equipment module.
  • Alert navigator draws operator attention to any unit held from processing for any reason.
  • Unit logs track operator actions and augment the electronic batch record.
  • Fast and easy configuration, in lieu of programming, delivers radically shorter schedules and extreme agility to implement new products.
  • Model backup is done with standard SQL tools.

How It Works

S88 Builder has three components: studio, engine, and faceplates & objects. Taking data from the P&IDs, a user configures the data model of the process inside the S88 Builder Studio. The data model is downloaded from the S88 Builder Studio to the S88 Builder Engine, the one ControlLogix PAC program that can control any process. S88 Builder Faceplates & Objects adapt to the data in the ControlLogix PAC, provide the operator visualization into the process, and allow the operator control of the equipment.

S88 Builder adheres strictly to the ISA-88 standard, providing phase level, equipment module level, and control module level control of all equipment in the process. S88 Builder can connect to any ISA-88 compliant batch management system via OPC for procedural control.

Model-Based Control

Model-based control is a highly agile, high-degree-of-reuse approach to control. By applying model-based control to batch process control, ECS has an equipment control system that is:

  • Highly consistent and highly efficient in operation
  • Quick to configure, when compared to programming
  • Extremely agile in reacting to changes

You can learn more by reviewing a presentation and paper delivered by our president, Timothy S. Matheny, to the International Society of Automation (ISA) Food and Pharmaceutical Industries Division Symposium in the spring of 2014. His paper is available in the resource area.


Total Process Automation

Whether you are starting from scratch at a new facility or retooling an existing facility for growth purposes, you can trust that ECS has you covered.

  • Radically shorter schedules
  • Amazing flexibility for changing needs
  • Extremely efficient process execution
  • Highly focused operators

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