To reduce operating costs and increase overall equipment effectiveness, you need a system integrator that clearly understands the causes of cost and quality issues as well as the improvements needed to address them. For 40 years, ECS has worked with hundreds of companies over thousands of projects to tackle these challenges and identify cost-justified improvements.

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Total Process Automation Assessments


ECS experts will work with you to find opportunities to increase the profitability of your process cell or plant operations. You will receive a valuable report with preliminary justifications for proposed projects.

Qualified locations can receive one of a certain number of free assessments ECS performs each month.

Process Control Strategy


Using its extensive expertise with all types of batch, batch/continuous and continuous process control systems, ECS can help you define requirements and develop the right strategies to meet them.

Software Strategy


During 40 years of developing software for process control systems, ECS has acquired the experience to identify the software improvements you need to keep systems operating at peak efficiency.

Network Strategy


ECS can roll out a “defense in depth” strategy for manufacturing networks that connects islands of manufacturing systems without compromising security.

Process Optimization


With optimization strategies for systems such as batch process cells, clean-in-place, packaging and bottling lines and boiler controls, ECS can improve your process efficiency.