All control systems are NOT implemented equally.

  • Some implementations are well planned and executed, while others are simply not planned at all
  • A project’s scope, schedule and budget limitations often override any effort to optimize the control system
  • Efficiencies are sacrificed due to schedules
  • The effectiveness of the control system is entirely in the hands of the programmer assigned to your project

With nearly 40 years of experience working in various industries on diverse processes, ECS has seen a wide range of control system implementations. It has also helped customers improve and enhance software to significantly increase quality, performance and availability while leveraging all existing equipment. ECS has documented results improving processes that include:

  • Packaging lines
  • Batch process cells
  • Boiler controls

Let ECS help you take advantage of your existing equipment to get the additional output you need.



Total Process Automation

Whether you are starting from scratch at a new facility or retooling an existing facility for growth purposes, you can trust that ECS has you covered.

  • Radically shorter schedules
  • Amazing flexibility for changing needs
  • Extremely efficient process execution
  • Highly focused operators

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TotalCare Support

TotalCare represents our concern not only for the process systems but also for the business or businesses those systems support.

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