Manufacturing Operations Management

The ANSI/ISA-95 standard for enterprise control system integration outlines the production management activities associated with manufacturing operations management. Total Process Automation includes streamlining and simplifying manufacturing operations management. ECS delivers higher value by tightly integrating these activities in vertical implementations.

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Batch Management

  • Increases batch process efficiencies
  • Produces a consistent, high-quality product
  • Requires minimal reconfiguration for future products

ERP Integrations

  • Reduces the effort required to move data
  • Removes human error from data collection
  • Enables data access in near real time

Production Data Collection

  • Ensures compliance
  • Reduces breakdowns through predictive control
  • Steps up inventory control efficiency
  • Increases product costing accuracy

Production Performance Measurement

  • Utilizes reporting and dashboards
  • Identifies performance improvement opportunities
  • Prompts performance improvement (you get what you measure)