Business Planning and Logistics Integration

You often can achieve very high value by integrating your business planning and logistics system, also known as an enterprise resource planning or ERP system, in your plant floor systems.

ECS works directly with your ERP team to develop the transaction flow that meets your business needs securely and efficiently. When implemented as part of ECS’s Total Process Automation, your ERP integration can be tested against your simulated control system. Testing in advance means your ERP integration can be in place on day one of production.


  • Efficiency—reduce the effort needed to flow data from level four to the control system and back
  • Accuracy—remove human error when collecting and transposing data
  • Timeliness—access your data in near real time
  • Compliance—comply with tracking and archiving requirements
  • Completeness—manage and improve your business with all the data you need where you need it
  • Consistency—ensure all your plants look the same to your business planning and logistics system

Total Process Automation

Whether you are starting from scratch at a new facility or retooling an existing facility for growth purposes, you can trust that ECS has you covered.

  • Radically shorter schedules
  • Amazing flexibility for changing needs
  • Extremely efficient process execution
  • Highly focused operators

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TotalCare Support

TotalCare represents our concern not only for the process systems but also for the business or businesses those systems support.

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