Uptime is KEY

Uptime in your plant is KEY!

  • Are your maintenance personnel not capable of keeping up with advancing complex control systems?
  • Is it difficult to hire and retain qualified people?
  • Are you not benefiting from best available technology because plant personnel are unable (or unwilling) to support it?

KEY Can Unlock:

  • Hidden capacity in your facility.
  • Solutions to increased quality.
  • The power of IoT and data collection.
  • The flexibility of powerful manufacturing management software.
  • Value of integrating business planning and manufacturing systems.

KEY is an Automation Management Plan that has a complete set of services designed to support your manufacturing processes.

KEY incorporates:

  • Onboarding, development of triage plan, and issue-based response for correct resources being deployed.
  • Monitoring of abnormal system changes.
  • Triaging of problems/issues quickly to deploy the correct resources.
  • Rapid response and correct resource deployment – based on the issue defined in the automation management plan.
  • Analysis of historical problems/issues “driving” ongoing planning for the mitigation of problems/issues.


Components of Key


  • Monitoring of equipment and process abnormal conditions.
  • Recording a history of the same.


  • Adds to alarming provided by the control system (ISA-18).
  • Escalating alerts by workflow.
  • Notification of plant personnel and support team via SMS and email.


  • Remote phone and/or network (VPN & cloud) support.
  • Deploying resources to your site as necessary.


  • Utilizing historical data and expert services.
  • Identifying root causes of problems.
  • Eliminating nuisance alerts.
  • Providing various data analytics.


  • Regular reviews of plant performance.
  • Focused assessment of equipment and operational needs.
  • Categorizing mitigation options.
  • Regular on-site equipment performance reviews and alignments.
  • Documentation vault–your control system assets backed up and ready to restore if needed and available to:
    • Your internal service personnel
    • ECS provided external service personnel

Additional Benefits of KEY


  • Ticket based tracking of all service activities.
  • A private portal for review and monitoring of open tickets by plant and enterprise.
  • Service when you need it.
  • VPN based service provided by certified professionals.