S88 Builder Maintenance Video

S88 Builder – Maintenance Person Advantages

S88 Builder® is a model based batch process control software that helps to streamline troubleshooting to support your manufacturing processes geared towards your maintenance team. This software is streamlined to deliver an easy to read header section, which displays alerts for when different problems occur within the process including things such as a leaky valve. Clicking on the problematic valve will open a menu of equipment modules, where you can then identify the suspected problem with the problematic valve. Using the Alert Navigator from the software, one can identify the problem much quicker as opposed to cycling through ID screens to identify the problem. Using the valve face plate, one can simulate the process without using a physical limit in the process, therefore the process can get back on schedule without using these physical assets that are often used in other software and/or methods.

Another feature of this software is the ability to correctly identify the time at which the problem occurred. Using the BatchDVR function of the S88 Builder®, one can rewind the batching activities just as the operator saw them happen. One can rewind the time to any available point within the software. Through a color-coded system located through the valves, the time at which the problem occurred can be precisely identified.

Finally, the S88 Builder® includes an audit trail, which is a log of all the user’s actions. Using this audit trail, an operator can identify the actions previously taken to combat an issue within the batch process, quickly identifying a solution rather than wasting the time of troubleshooting.

Overall, the S88 Builder® faceplates and objects put big data at the hands of the operator, and by combining this data with the valve faceplates, the BatchDVR functionality, and the audit trail to log all actions going into S88 Builder®, the time for troubleshooting a batch process problem is severely reduced.