Case Study: Packaging Line Stretch Wrappers

A large, packaged food manufacturer requested the construction of a conveyor line in their plant.  Referred to internally as a greenfield project, it entailed the installation of new shrink wrappers and palletizing equipment.  The existing configuration in the plant had four stretch wrappers and four palletizers being shared by 15 packaging lines and the company wanted a dedicated stretch wrapper and palletizer for each packaging line. ECS was responsible for the controls on the entire system, as well as establishing communications with the stretch wrappers and the palletizers. The bulk of the work was the transfer of the pallets either down the line, or into the line and onto two different areas where they could be picked up by trucks.  Phase 1 of the two-phase project had eight pickup stations and the additional four stations were installed in Phase 2.  This required 73 conveyor sections- each section being about if a pallet and each section, as well as the turntables in the system were driven by an Allen-Bradley ArmorStart VFD (variable frequency drive).  In total there were 84 ArmorStart VFD’s on the whole system.


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