Boosting Batch Performance

Maximize Production Capability

After more than three decades of developing batch process control systems using a total process automation approach, we have the experience and expertise it takes to build powerful, high-performing plants that produce high-quality yields. We could probably do it in our sleep.

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Dedicated to performance improvement and innovation in batch manufacturing

ECS Solutions is a CSIA certified control systems integration firm that has delivered effective batch process automation solutions to more than 3500 projects over the last 40 years.

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Batch Process Automation

ECS eliminates the significant custom software development typically associated with batch process automation. When our Total Process Automation approach is combined with our S88 Builder ® process control system, ECS delivers systems that address challenges ranging from equipment module operation to batch management without the need for costly custom software.

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Manufacturing Operations Management

The ANSI/ISA-95 standard for enterprise control system integration outlines the production management activities associated with manufacturing operations management. Total Process Automation includes streamlining and simplifying manufacturing operations management. ECS delivers higher value by tightly integrating these activities in vertical implementations.

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Industrial Automation

ECS works with manufacturers every day to deliver robust automation solutions that minimize outages and downtime. Drawing on a 40-year history of completing more than 3,500 projects, ECS integrates controls into new processes, improves existing lines and migrates obsolete control systems for companies representing a variety of industries, processes and base control systems and technologies.


Our History

ECS was founded in 1977 to provide control and information system solutions, initially to the demanding aluminum manufacturing industry. Since then, the company has expanded to deliver batch and continuous process control solutions to a wide range of manufacturing companies. To date, we have delivered more than 3500 projects.

Our Principles

At ECS, we strive for excellence in all we undertake, measured internally by profitability and externally by satisfying requirements. We earn trust by demonstrating integrity and technical prowess, that we extend to those who prove trustworthy, and that we maintain through communication.

Our Vision

ECS is dedicated to performance improvement and innovation in batch manufacturing. Our vision of steady, sustainable growth with a diverse customer base is the foundation for making ECS a good place to work.

What Our Customers Say

“With S88 Builder ® , ECS was able to begin simulating our first recipe within weeks of awarding the project. At the 30, 60, and 90% design reviews, ECS was able to simulate different parts of the system.”

Mel Assink, Senior Director Process Engineering

“The way ECS delivered the software, we were able to reallocate six additional operators per shift and substantially reduce our payback period.”

Production Manager, Leading US Pasta Sauce Brand

"Guys, thanks for all your assistance in getting these numbers up! All the time you have spent troubleshooting, correcting issues, tweaking, is paying off. Thank you!"

S. Gentile, Engineering Manager

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