Distributed Control System

PlantPAx® is Rockwell Automation’s modern DCS, offering native integration of a broader base of devices, equipment, and complex machines than other DCS platforms. Based on the highly-popular Rockwell Automation ControlLogix processor line, PlantPAx® generally costs significantly less to deploy and maintain than other DCS platforms. Clients benefit from a common, cost-effective, automation platform that is fully capable for all plant requirements as opposed to using a traditional DCS platform for process control and a traditional programmable controller platform for auxiliary systems.

ECS deploys and enhances PlantPAx® with a broader scope of reuse library of ControlLogix code and FactoryTalk View objects, to give the PlantPAx®system a process-centric user interface as prescribed by ISA-88 and ISA-95.

Clients benefit from:

  • Objects are not programmed but configured to interface with other objects as required by the process capacities.
  • One single initial Controller ACD program and HMI download that can continuously be configured to deploy and improve any processing functionality.
  • Deploy multiple controller’s functionality from a single configuration instance to organize required functionality that seamlessly performs all required inter-controller coordination.
  • Allow process knowledgeable personnel to configure and improve the process automation without the need to be PLC programmers.
  • Non-proprietary open code with documented functionality.
  • Minimizing project deployment duration and cost while improving the project’s quality and peace of mind.

ECS Solutions:

  • Deploys batch manufacturing solutions on the Rockwell Automation PlantPAx platform
  • Is a globally recognized expert in batch manufacturing
  • Assists batch manufacturers with deploying Rockwell Automation FactoryTalk Batch for efficient, consistent and predictable batch operations control
  • Is knowledgeable of Rockwell Automation’s batch operations management offering alternatives
  • Deploys solutions using Rockwell Automation’s Library of Process Objects as well as client standard reuse libraries for PlantPAx solutions
  • Is committed to your success–“We succeed together”.

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