Performance Measurement

Performance Measurement


OEE is a calculated value that considers part quality, performance, and availability. OEE is oriented toward discrete manufacturing. It directly applies to food, beverage, and pharmaceutical packaging operations and is used widely there. Effective equipment utilization is part of an effective manufacturing ecosystem.

Applying OEE directly to batch operations is abstract, as batch operations intentionally stop and start, execute different products at different rates and measure the quality of a whole batch, not small portions. What ECS likes to call Overall Batch Effectiveness or OBE considers quality, performance, and availability in relation to a batch or campaign rather than in relation to a piece of equipment. OBE is as valuable to improving batch manufacturing as OEE is valuable to improving discrete manufacturing.

Data Collection & Analysis

Collecting process data is foundational to an effective manufacturing ecosystem but alone is no more useful than a foundation without a building atop it. ECS uses its broad cross-industry experience to help clients analyze process data to drive process improvement.

Data collected in batch manufacturing must have the context to be useful for analysis. Different products (recipes) use varied parameters. What is scorching hot to one recipe or recipe phase is just right for another. With context, data can be properly analyzed and understood. ECS’ experience in collecting data with appropriate context then analyzing it within that context can help you better understand and improve your batch manufacturing ecosystem.