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Inductive Automation Ignition

Connect. Design. Deploy. Without limits.

The Unlimited Platform for SCADA and So Much More.  Ignition by Inductive Automation is unlimited, so for the low cost of one server license you can seamlessly connect all your data, design any kind of industrial application with ease, and instantly web-deploy unlimited clients to anyone, anywhere — all from one universal platform for industrial automation. Ignition is server software that acts as the hub for everything on your plant floor for total system integration. No matter what brand, model, or platform, it talks to your plant-floor equipment just as naturally as it talks to SQL databases, seamlessly bridging the gap between production and IT. Ignition comes with everything you need to create any kind of industrial application. The included Ignition Designer combines a rich component library, easy data-binding, as well as powerful tools for drawing and scripting, into one fully-integrated development environment.

Ignition comes standard with an unlimited number of concurrent Ignition Designers at no extra cost. Ignition has a full range of software modules to develop virtually any kind of industrial application. Ignition is used in virtually every industry around the globe. See real-world Ignition applications in action. Ignition gets your vital real-time data to anyone anywhere. Instantly web-launch an unlimited number of zero-install, full runtime clients from an on-premise or cloud-based server. The cost of one Ignition server license buys you the freedom to launch as many clients as you need. Ignition is totally cross-platform and installs in minutes onto servers, laptops, and embedded devices. Ignition’s server-centric web-deployment model is flexible and scalable enough for architectures of any type or size.

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