Sepasoft MES

SEPASOFT provides a modular approach to building Enterprise Class MES solutions using our OEE, Scheduling, Recipe Management, SPC and Track & Trace Modules. The result is a custom solution tailored for your manufacturing needs, that integrates nicely with your ERP, Inventory Management and Asset Management Systems.

Built On Ignition 

The modules are built on the Ignition software stack, extending the standard functionality and allowing for a rich and powerful way to customize the implementation to deliver virtually anything required for your MES solution.

ECS has the experience, knowledge, and training to make your Sepasoft MES installation a success. Have questions about how the Sepasoft MES modules would work with your business? ECS can help you answer them.

MES OEE Downtime Module

Tracking overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and downtime just got easier. The MES OEE Downtime Module empowers manufacturers to reduce operating costs, while increasing asset utilization and operating efficiency resulting in improved profitability.

Real-Time Efficiency Tracking

Access current production, efficiency and downtime data instantly through graphical executive and operational dashboards. This empowers management and operations to respond to real-world issues as they are happening today, not last week. Accomplish continuous improvement, as well as LEAN and Six Sigma business strategies by communicating efficiently and clearly between all departments.

Downtime Data Collection

The module supports automatic, manual collection of downtime reasons or a combination of the two. Visually identify and drill down to the top downtime causes that affect your operating efficiency.

Executive Dashboard

Quickly organize and visualize efficiency and downtime data from across your enterprise with powerful analysis tools that take you beyond typical canned reports.

IT Friendly

Enterprise Integration

The OEE Downtime Module is IT friendly, allowing
integration with enterprise resource planning (ERP)
and other applications to share data and communicate
seamlessly with the entire organization.

Mobile MES Access

Access your facility’s overall equipment effectiveness reports from anywhere your mobile device can travel. Save production staff time by instantly entering downtime reasons, production scheduling changes, notes, and more, without being tied to a desktop computer.

Manufacturing Scheduling

All departments of your business have instant access to the current schedules, including production, maintenance, and more. Eliminate miscommunication from scheduling changes and improve overall work flow and efficiency.

Fully Customizable

Because manufacturers have different requirements, the OEE Downtime Module allows you to modify existing screens, reports, calculations, etc., or create them from scratch for a fully customizable system, putting you in charge of your data.

Work Order Management 

Track real-time work order status that shows units scheduled, produced and remaining. Manage product
codes, production rates, package sizes, and more.

Automatic Data Collection

Improve accuracy of information with automatically recorded data rather than manual entry and interpretation by production staff. As an added benefit, those valuable man-hours can be utilized elsewhere.

Easy MES Licensing

There are no limits to how many users or how much data you process, so you can get the right information
to the right people. You will never worry about paying for additional users or increased data usage as your
system grows.